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Mahindra XUV300 | First Drive Review

So this is the DeeZee car lift system here and i bought it for a mark button. Volkswagen Golf GTI. In my case, I was looking for something that I could slip on the car a couple different ways. In fact, I came to drive over it because there may be another person beside me or I could slide it in first right now. There'S no other part is like wrong, so I also want to be able to get access from the side or from front that so I'll put the single control you have works in set, but basically the system is that my specs and I like nice - that are Built well - and I don't mind right so this thing right, so it consists of really four parts: two side pieces and into connecting pieces getting pieces are available in different widths, their standard widths. This is the fifty to sixty four inch. So that's measured from the inside points and it's like pointing sort of thinking about it's a lot. So keep that in mind. There'S just two bolts. Two bowls total four bolts that hold is scheduled to depart really quickly. Roughly 50 pounds per piece, proto-punk are going to put it away somewhere or you can just grab this things get the wall. I also I ordered a few things happen points there's extensions available. This is a standard 60 inch. Maximum for species or 60 inches sided in wherever you need them. There'S these hockey pucks available the are truly hockey pucks. I'Ve ended up purchasing these separately from another firm, just rubber blocks and I'll show you why, with Cara, I like how they give me a little bit of clearance the surface and the punish out of the car. So I could actually work or work so I'll. Keep that in mind - and then I I bought this some - we call a little low profile option, so these casters that rolls around them they're, basically small capsules that are offset a little bit. It allows the unit to drop down to our little s. Parents needed to you to drive over it or to slip it underneath em. So there you go so I'll flip it open. Second I'll show you how the mechanism works. Okay, so my writing on. So I'm sorry, you say a quick tap correction, so this this is actually no. I think it's 52:16 detector it measures for dat inside 264, so people in an inch on each side that takes you to 50 to 60. I think that's gon na call out the website in 60, so a bit of a one point: one inch in lining side, this pod break your vendors different widths, lower customs. Well, that's the first thing. True, get you up, okay, so here's the other side of the unit and you have a shop that is running from website Eric here and that is controlled by the seniors here: monitors 42 or 42 gearboxes into receiving boxes. And so you, you take your drill and you drive a shaft into the gearbox. It spins both of these gearboxes on each end and that transfers across this screw. That runs on both sides and basically these legs as you'll, see and come out. These legs don't have a roller on these legs stay put, and then these legs move in so the beautiful basic people Bowl on these, as it goes up so on very secure design. There'S there's no safety, then you throw it afterwards, because the unit that we can't fall as this screw goes up and down. You know they only make the fall as if somehow this thing, which we broke extremely unlikely bunch of lubrication points, so you've got the jerk fittings for grease on all these major points and then the gearbox selves to take oil as well, and then your. So it's only two two gearboxes at this end the oil and get the oil to fill up and your fittings with your pay increase and you're ready to roll. So next up all right: let's back on the ground here, I'm going to just pull it into place to show the car and you get to where it needs to be. In my case, what I'm trying to do is optional, more I'll, show you how to mount to the set and that's about them with TTI, very short, wheelbase vehicle. I got to be pretty much centered between the wheels, so it just happens to be just one good. One bigger so I use these blocks to be pretty nice piece. I said so and get access this area here. If I walk set tools on there and the other is that my unfolded and subframe on this car so sort of the stealth race cards. I want you to feel sit for this GTR and these, if you're not quite flat to the road, you know, so these blocks will align themselves and squished a little bit with the you know, basically with tolerances Tina, how level of making this. So I like I like having doesn't among pressure Mills but because I've ordered this thing to be quite. Why fell to the park? It sticks out, so I'm just mounting on the inside of these pads in 2010 and when I got all set, I go around the car times and double check double check. Make sure I got the blocks to perfectly right and the distance to the wheels is right once that set. Then I throw it up. You know Phil for a bit until I get this thing well, our square and true, where I want to be and a boat. So, just going to pull these pads down a little bit move this him pretty much walk here, we're one there les filled your fingers, in fact, and I'll just do the other side, which is where you get to again get the waltz culture off campus. I once I get the block set and I'll throw the grill it. Okay, just give me a sec all right, so the blocks where I've left them. It'S positioned. Well, it's parallel! So what I've got here is a drill with the attachment, the chocolate cream they give. You and you can put a 3/8 inch drive socket on it. It starts create and then that just pumps in here this is an old calling, 20 year old, Makita package, chuck grill since a hammer, hammer girl, two heavy-duty drill and I thought about a high setting that the blow setting so that's been with me and the time Stroll dozen twelve, in fact, I've used my worthless 18 volt Makita drill, mister car. It'S fine so dead those fast, but it works a lot sure how up is up. I'M not a speed up the process, I'm just going to show you how I'll actually go. This is stop make sure that everything's good. So now the point of our except the world: let's get on the other side, I'll continue, you'll notice. At this height, all four wheels are off the ground and maybe less than three seconds. I will take it up all the way and go up almost three deep, but I'll take up waste. So if I go any higher are proceeding with the second element, our TTIP identity card. Here I can get around in which way these blocks, and I told you they a line. They took a bit of an angle because I've been aligned with the frame rail, which is a bit of an angle. I prefer that putting a lot of aggressive pressure on on the paint on my frame rails. So anyway, it's something of beauty and then the last thing we showed is the roller. So these things very simple: they take off another pair of pins and let's play together. One then you drop back down this hits here and then bees lift off the ground, and then you can roll vehicle around. So very simple, very straightforward, I'll show you that in a second as well, because I will read up a car again in to take it to the back so I'll turn off the camera. Put the other four one I'll roll. The car round. Tray looks like hey before I put it down on the wheels, not that they're mounted. I go under the car and my little roller here. So let's go go conference only easier, so unfortunately, my super nice portable light, I left in the lane. It'S been pinched. So what is the god here? You can see my frame rails. That welded in here there's a bit of an angle to the block sort of an angle but see I've got this gap that I like but yeah one of the engine here and then we'll look back from here. So you know in this particular car its pocket. It'S cross rails or blocking nothing go to the back and in this case they're, just by the twist twist beam on the mark. One golf: so it's really not in the way of anything here I can work on the suspension and I can work on the gas tank and everything and I could get the exhaust system in and out of the car work on my fuel pumps and filters, and You name it I can get under here easily and this car is not up very high right now. It'S 26 inches plus three, so I can get it to 29 inches up yeah, so two and a half feet and - and that's the cat's ass, obviously that that's a thing of beauty. So I'll now drop this thing down onto the rollers and show you how you can roll this thing around the garage now next big feature alrighty so drop down. You see, it will just put out part way and then stop right now, and I use these from my leg to just keep the wheels from Mike Rogers. On the whole, the car will turn and one start hitting a future direction. That'S seven blocks wheel, block City they're, not see if we want to use some some wedges so reverse direction. The prophecy over there not very far just enough so that these things are off the ground and then that inserts moment, okay and then you get to place where you want the car be. What I do is, I just hold it in place by dropping the legs back down go anywhere now, so they go easy. Carl is calm. I'M happy customer, I'm hey promotion, how's that I just like the product.

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